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Well Sample and Core Library - ACCEPTING CORES



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  • Because of space limitations, KGS is very selective and only accept cores meeting one or more of the following criteria :
    • Deep wells
    • Stratigraphically significant area
    • Sparsely drilled area
    • Structurally significant area
    • Related to a current project
  • The library manager will review all potential donations, either voluntary or arranged by KGS staff, and determine whether the core will be accepted.
  • If core is accepted, all pertinent data and proper identification must accompany the shipment or be sent to the library prior to delivery.
  • Library staff will contact the person or company donating the core or cores and make all necessary arrangements for shipment to the library.
  • The following information is needed before shipment:
    • Total number of boxes
    • Total number of pallets
    • Interval of the well
    • Motor Freight Company address and phone number
    • Shipping date
    • Anticipated delivery date
  • Absolutely no cores will be accepted without the following identification, documentation, and data:
    • Location Information
      • County
      • Carter Coordinate
      • Footages from N/S and E/W lines
      • Latitude/ Longitude
    • Elevation
    • Farm Name/ Operator
    • Well Number
    • Descriptive logs
    • Permit Number
    • Total Depth of well
  • Deliveries will be accepted only during normal working hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • All cores must be shipped on pallets.
  • Core boxes must be securely banded and shrinkwrapped on the pallets.
  • Once the cores arrive at the library, they become the property of the University of Kentucky/Kentucky Geological Survey, except for cores that are loaned to KGS for research purposes.
  • Newly arrived cores are immediately assigned KGS call numbers and all information added to KGS database.
  • Cores donated to the Survey may remain confidential for 1 year, if requested in writing at the time the donation is made.
Ray Daniel adding core and sample information
to KGS database.
Ryan Pinkston reviewing core condition
and footage intervals.