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Well Sample and Core Library - Guidelines For Submitting Well Samples

Department of Mines and Minerals
Oil and Gas Division
KRS 353.660 (2)

Upon request by the department, any person to whom a permit is issued shall save for the Kentucky Geological Survey samples of all cuttings from the well drilled or deepened pursuant to the permit for a period of ninety (90) days after completion thereof. 

Rev. 11/01/12

To ensure that credit is received for submitting requested well samples, please follow these instructions carefully.

1. For greater efficiency the Kentucky Geological Survey only requires the following information to beĀ  filled out on each tag of each sample bag:
  1. In the space designated COMPANY: _______Write the PERMIT NO. __________
  2. Fill out the DEPTH: FROM ________ TO ________

Sample Tags

2. All written information must be legible, and in permanent ink or ballpoint pen. Information written with felt-tip pen or pencil is easily washed off, making it impossible to identify samples.

3. As an extra precaution, place a copy of the drilling permit in the container with the sample set. If samples are not properly identified, no credit can be given to your company.

4. Samples should be complete for each well requested, with continuous samples from surface to total depth in 10 foot intervals.

5. Place the samples in feed sacks, burlap bags, plastic buckets or a strong cardboard box.

6. Do not put sample sets in plastic trash bags; these causes the sample bags to rot and split open, making the samples useless.

7. Do not overfill the sample containers with sample bags. This makes them difficult to handle and poses a risk of injury.

8. Individual sample bags should be completely filled and tied into manageable bundles of 10 bags each.

9. Please do not tie knots in the strings of the individual sample bags.

10. Samples may be mailed to or dropped off at the Kentucky Geological Survey's Well Sample and Core Library in Lexington or dropped off at any of the designated collection stations located throughout the state.

If you have any questions concerning these instructions or about the locations of sample collection stations, please contact the

Well Sample and Core Library
Phone (859) 389-8810
Fax (859) 389-8716


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