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Shipping and Receiving

Pursuant to the Oil and Gas Act of 1960, oil and gas operators applying for a drilling permit, if requested, are required to collect well cuttings during drilling operations and submit them to KGS. The Well Sample and Core Library maintains six collection stations throughout Kentucky as a courtesy and convenience for operators and drillers so that samples may be dropped off at a location in reasonably close proximity to their operating areas. Samples may also be delivered, or mailed, directly to the WS&CL facility in Lexington, KY. Library personnel retrieve samples left at the collection stations on a regular basis. WS&CL staff regards these visits as an opportunity to meet with representatives of the oil and gas industry in order to foster good relations between industry and KGS.


Ynwashed samples

The Well Sample and Core Library of the Kentucky Geological Survey curates a large core collection at its main facility in Lexington, KY. The staff of the WS&CL travels throughout the region to retrieve cores from their storage locations. Materials handling equipment needed to unload core shipments from industry or other sources is available at the Lexington facility. In recent years, the WS&CL has become more selective concerning which cores will be accepted due to space limitations. However, the staff continues to actively solicit the donation of cores of geological significance.