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Images in Time
Images in Time

Illustrations by Stephen Greb provided to KGS for educational use

These illustrations of ancient life are provided for educational uses in time lines, coloring books, science reports, and presentations. Copy them as needed or just use them as guides for your own drawings. The images are arranged by time. The numbers before the title of the image are in millions of years before the present. When using images, please reference Stephen Greb (Images In Time.

Paleozoic Era

416 Devonian Period

Devonian reef

Coral fossils

Agnathan fish (jawless) (see examples below too)

Armored fish called arthrodires (see examples below too)

416-398 Jawless, shield-headed fish Anglaspis (an agnathid) <dev_jawless_anglasis.jpg>

416-398 Jawless shield-headed fish, Drepanaspis (an agnathid)

416-398 Jawless, armored fish, Pteraspis (an ostracoderm) <dev_pteraspis.jpg>

412 Oldest fossil lung fish (see examples below)

412 Oldest complete fossil insect

409 Oldest sharks (see examples below too)

396 Shrubby plants spread across the landscape

  1. Aglaophyton, an early plant from the Rhynie Chert
  2. Asteroxylon , an early plant from the Rhynie Chert

390-375 Jawless, armored fish, Bothriolepis (a placoderm)

390 Lobefins and lungfish

390 Lobe-finned lungfish, Uranolophus coming out of the water

380 Lobe-finned lungfish, Eusthenopteron (simple)

380 Lobe-finned lungfish, Eusthenopteron coming out of the water

375 Oldest amphibian, Acanthostega (simple) <dev_oldest amphib.jpg>

375 The oldest fossil amphibian, Acanthostega (shaded) <dev_oldest amphib2.jpg>

380 Oldest seed plants (gymnosperms).

380 The oldest fossil forests (fossil tree stumps) <dev_oldest_forest.jpg>

375 The oldest fossil trees with leaves, Archaeopteris <dev_oldest_tree.jpg>

370 Shark, Cladoselach e (simple)

370 Shark, Cladoselach e, shark (chasing fish) <dev_shark2.jpg>

370 Shark, Cladoselach e (chasing fish, shaded, larger format) <dev_shark3.jpg>

370 Dunkleosteus, armored, jawed fish (placoderm) <dev_dunkleost_1.jpg>

370 Dunkleosteus, armored, jawed fish (placoderm), meal's eye view <dev_dunkl_2.jpg>

360 End-Devonian mass extinction


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