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Images in Time
Images in Time

Illustrations by Stephen Greb provided to KGS for educational use

These illustrations of ancient life are provided for educational uses in time lines, coloring books, science reports, and presentations. Copy them as needed or just use them as guides for your own drawings. The images are arranged by time. The numbers before the title of the image are in millions of years before the present. When using images, please reference Stephen Greb (Images In Time.

Paleozoic Era

Pennsylvanian Period

318-299 Pennsylvanian life

315  The largest arthropod of all time, Arthropleura

315  Arthropleura with tree trunk

315 The oldest reptile, Hylonomus (simple)

315 The oldest reptile, Hylonomus (shaded)

310 Tully monster, a small, but unusual invertebrate from the coal swamps


Under Construction-More coming in the future



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