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Dinosaur Ichnofossils—Unusual preservation and bite marks

Coprolites (Fossil Dung, Feces)

Gastroliths (stomach stones)

Gastroliths are stomach stones. Some modern birds and reptiles swallow stones during their lives that remain thin their stomachs and help the animals grind up tough food and therefore aid in digestion, or act as ballast, and therefore aid in swimming. Fossil gastroliths have been found with ancient reptiles, birds, and dinosaurs. Beware: There are more fake or misinterpreted dinosaur “gastroliths” than actual fossil stomach stones. The only way to prove that a polished or abraded stone is a true fossil stomach stone is to find it in the abdomen of a fossil animal, and then to show that similar stones are not found in the rock in which the fossil animal was found.



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