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Earth Observing System (EOS), NASA. EOS is the Earth Observing System, in which satellites are used to monitor changes in climate on Earth from Space. The Educational part of this site provides free posters (one set per teacher) of Cloud Radiative Effects, Impact of Volcanoes, Ozone Depletion, and the Greenhouse Effect, and has slide sets (digital on-line) related to each of these topics. Each slide has a short discussion about what the slide is showing. Numerous other non-atmospheric slides are also offered. Great for on-line lectures. There are also links to educational products related to climate change.

Institute on Climate and Planets, NASA. This is a research, science education, and minority outreach program of the Goddard Space Flight Center. It is aimed at pre-college and undergraduate students and seeks to foster collaborations with students, teachers, and schools. Under the subheading Education Strategies it provides numerous atmospheric, climate change, and weather modules, free software, data sets and analysis tools. Under the subheading Climate Research it summarizes current scientific research, abstracts, etc. concerning climate change.

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