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Cambrian Period--Oldest Vertebrates from Chengjiang, Conodonts

Waking up to the Dawn of Vertebrates, Science News. News article on the discovery of the oldest vertebrate fish fossils from Chengjiang province, China. Good summary of the discovery in 1999 of Myllokunmingia, a fossil jawless fish, related to the modern hagfish, and considered the oldest evidence of vertebrates.

Oldest Fossil Fish Caught, BBC News. News report on the discovery of the oldest fossil fish (jawless) fossils (Lower Cambrian) from Chengjiang, China. These are currently the oldest chordate fossils on Earth. The fossils are types of jawless fish, similar in appearance to Pikaia, from the Burgess Shale.

Conodonts, Palaeos. Description of conodonts, relation to vertebrates, pictures of fossils, and reconstruction of the conodont animal.

Vertebrates, Tree of Life Web Project. Technical discussion of phylogenetic relationships of vertebrates. Description of the conodont animal and vertebrate origins can be found at Euconodonta.

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