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General Coal Information

Coal Information, Kentucky Geological Survey. Do you want to know how and when the coal in Kentucky formed? This site provides information on how and when the coal in both of Kentucky's coal fields was formed, the components of coal, coal formation, coal occurrences, mining methods, and commonly asked questions about coal in Kentucky.

Coal Education, the Kentucky Coal Association and Kentucky Coal Marketing and Export Council. An excellent resource that provides 90 different K–12 lesson plans about coal, an on-line version of the Coal Facts guidebook (the best annual summary of the coal industry in Kentucky), summaries of coal-related issues in the news, links to other coal education resources, and opportunities for interactive education links that allow students to ask questions of people in the coal industry.

American Coal Foundation, Washington, D.C. Nonprofit educational organization supported by an industry coalition. Provides free educational materials (teacher packages and coal samples) about coal, electricity, and land reclamation. Also contains activities for elementary and secondary students, a coal video guide, science fair ideas, posters, and more.

Mineral Information Institute, Golden, Colorado. Nonprofit organization dedicated to educating youth about the science of minerals and other natural resources. Provides free resources to classroom teachers, including teacher packets, posters, lessons, and activities.

National Energy Foundation. Nonprofit developer of innovative mineral-resource education materials. The Out of the Rock section provides online information about how minerals are used. This site also provides inexpensive posters and teachers' materials concerning electricity production, energy, and mining.

Field Trip to a Coal Mine, Kentucky Educational Television. Online version of a video trip to a working coal mine. Provides information about coal formation, mining, processing, utilization, and regulations.

The Center for Energy and Economic Development, Alexandria, Virginia. Provides coal facts packets, information on production of electricity, coal technology, the environment, charts and graphs about coal economics, the top 10 coal-producing states, and fuel sources for energy in the United States.

Coal, Energy Information Administration, U.S. Department of Energy. Provides official U.S. government coal statistics, online publications about the U.S. and world coal industry, coal data, quarterly reports on U.S. coal production, state coal profiles, and reviews of U.S. coal resources and energy initiatives. Numerous data tables are provided for various aspects of petroleum (drilling, production, costs, etc.) by geography, product (fuel type), sector, process, prices, environment, forecasts, and analyses.  The Annual Report summarizes aspects of the coal industry in the U.S. by year.

Mine Safety and Health Administration, U.S. Department of Labor. Provides public and technical reports, statistics, fact sheets, news releases, and regulatory explanations on mine safety and health issues. A kids page includes safety information warning children to keep out of old mine areas.

Office of Surface Mining, U.S. Department of Interior. Provides information and statistics about surface coal mining and reclamation, including explanations of regulations, abandoned-mine reclamation programs, and topical reclamation subjects. The Learning Gateway has information about coal and mining for teachers, as well as puzzles and quizzes for students.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C. Federal government site provides information and explanations of environmental issues in the United States. The teacher resources section provides background information on a wide variety of environmental issues, teacher activities and lesson plans, ideas for service projects, information about meetings, workshops, scholarships, and more.

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