Energy and Fuels Web Sites

California Energy Commission, Energy Quest. An excellent site, designed for K–12 students. This site is subdivided into the Energy Story, Saving Energy, Fossil Fuels, Nuclear Energy, Energy Almanac, Alternative Fuels, Energy Scientists, Art Contests, Resource Links, and much more. Provides a section called Percy's Puzzles that contains energy puzzles, crosswords, matching, and other games suitable for elementary grades energy education. Also contains instructions for grades 4–12 science projects on electricity and renewable energy resources (hydologic, solar, and wind).

Energy Information Administration. U.S. Department of Energy. This page provides access to abundant data, graphs, tables, and text concerning energy. Energy topics can be searched by geographic area, fuel type, economic sector, price, process, environment, forecasts, analyses, and alphabetically. Federal energy statistics can be searched and downloaded, as can many EIA publications. Featured topics summarize current topical energy questions and concerns. A Kid's Page provides abundant K-12 information, including What is Energy, Kids Corner, Energy Quiz, Fun Facts, Energy and History, Classroom Connections, and On-line Resources. The latter two offer links to curriculum guides and activities.

The National Energy Foundation. Non-profit developer of innovative mineral resource education materials. The Out of the Rock section provides on-line information about how minerals are used. Ths site also provides inexpensive posters and teachers materials concerning electricity production, energy, and mining. An educational music CD, "Rock Music" is also available at cost.

National Energy Education Development. The Need Project. A network of students, teachers, private and public organizations dedicated to learning about energy. Offers energy education programs, teacher workshops, curriculum guides and activities.

Education, Citgo Corp. This site is designed to help students understand the process of refining oil into gasoline, and the importance of petroleum-based products in our daily lives. The site contains 2 lessons, 6 games, and 2 experiments; one on the effects of oil spills, and the other on rock porosity.


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