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Fossils of Kentucky, Kentucky Geological Survey. Want to know about fossils and earth history in Kentucky? This is the site. Provides a brief earth history of Kentucky through time, images and descriptions of fossils found in Kentucky arranged by type of fossil, facts about fossils, and news briefs about fossils.

Learning from the Fossil Record, Paleontological Society.  An excellent resource. Provides more than 20 classroom activities about fossils and earth history, and has a National Science Standard Matrix with web links to more than 30 classroom activities, which demonstrate various aspects of the National Science Standards and are categorized by appropriate grade content. Activities about climate, dinosaurs, Earth history, fossils, and plate tectonics are just some of the topics offered.

The University of California Museum of Paleontology Provides on-line exhibits of fossils organized by type or age and has discussions about evolutionary theory.

Paleontological Research Institution. Provides tips for educators about teaching fossils in the classroom, and virtual field trips in which students can travel around the globe with paleontologists on fossil digs or open drawers of fossil collections around America.

Geologic time scales, links to on-line time scales with information about fossils organized by their geologic age.