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Virtual Trip to Fossils at the W.T. Young Library

The W.T. Young Library is at the University of Kentucky in Lexington , Kentucky . In the library, the floors, stairs, and some of the benches and walls are made from an ornamental limestone imported from Germany , called the Treuchtlingen (TROYKT-ling-in) Marble. This limestone (it's really not a marble) contains abundant fossils, which are shown in this virtual tour. The fossils are the remains of sea life that lived in the seas that once covered Germany . Look at the shapes of the fossils in the following twelve images. How many different kinds of fossils are there? Remember that you are looking at flat, polished surfaces (two dimensions), rather than whole (three-dimensional) shapes of fossils. Some of these fossils represent different slices through the same kind of fossil. Look at the shapes and make a list of similarities (shapes, color, apparent thickness, thin shell, etc.) that you used to choose which fossils were the same type of animal and which were different.


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