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Lesson Plans

Learning from the Fossil Record, Paleontological Society.  An excellent resource. Provides more than 20 classroom activities about fossils and earth history, and has a National Science Standard Matrix with web links to more than 30 classroom activities, which demonstrate various aspects of the National Science Standards and are categorized by appropriate grade content. Activities about climate, dinosaurs, Earth history, fossils, and plate tectonics are just some of the topics offered.

Life Over Time, Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois. Provides a virtual trip through the museum's exhibit Life Over Time, which is divided into Life Before the Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, and Life After the Dinosaurs. These sections provide a quick look at earth history through exhibits of the Museum. A Teachers Guide, is available, which includes the activities: Words from the Past; Prehistoric word search and crossword, How big was the animal?, and Prehistoric motion, a flip-motion book for Albertasaurus and Triceratops. Also worth investigating at this site is, Sue at the Field Museum, which describes the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton known, and also has games and flip-motion books for the classroom.

 It’s About Time, Earth Science Education Network, Kentucky Geological Survey. Lesson plans show you how to use adding machine paper, clocks, calendars, gyms, football fields, and parking lots to teach geologic time. Important Dates in Earth History is a list of significant events that can be used with all of the lessons. Images in Earth History provides black and white drawings of prehistoric animals, plants, and events that can be used with all of the time lessons or combined into your own custom coloring book.

K–12 Earth Science On-Line Classroom Activities, Society of Sedimentary Geologists. This site is the on-line version of the society’s popular educational publication that has K–12 lesson plans for modeling Geologic Time, Designs in Nature, and eight fossil-oriented lessons.

WebDogs Time Machine, University of Kentucky, Department of Geological Sciences. This interactive site lets you click on a time period from the geologic time scale and then write a story or poem about the picture, and submit it to the site. You also can submit original works.

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