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Meteor Impact Sites

Meteorites in Kentucky. Kentucky Geological Survey. Short essay concerning past meteorite impacts in Kentucky. Select here for a fact sheet (pdf format). Also, Space Visitors in Kentucky… is a short educational booklet that discusses meteorites and impact sites published by the Survey in 2001.You can download a pdf free (it takes some time) here or order the book from the Kentucky Geological Survey.

Meteor Impact Craters . This website uses a world satellite map (easier to see than the NASA site) and identifies large meteor craters around the world.Prompts for some of the more easily visible craters allow you to zoom in on the sites.

Meteor Impact Hazards . NASA. Brief discussion of the potential hazards and probability of meteor impacts. The site has an on-line calculator that lets you input meteor diameter, density, velocity, and angle of entry to make your own impact.

The Barringer Meteorite Crater. Barringer Crater Company. Provides text concerning the history of discovery of the Barringer (also called “Meteor”) crater in Arizona, as well as an on-line 3D Impact simulation game that lets you choose the size and target for a meteor headed straight towards earth. The game uses a VRML Browser, with the option of a Javascript, Java, or forms-based control console.

Terrestrial Impact Craters. Solar Views. Provides short essay on meteors and their craters as well as an on-line photo gallery.

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