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OceanWorld. Jason Education Project, Texas A&M University. Excellent resource for general oceanographic information for both students and educators. Provides information on Fisheries, Weather, Forams, Icebergs, Coral Reefs, Jason-1 (a satellite), Ice Ages, Satellites (ocean-monitoring), Waves, El Nino, and Currents. Also provides access to online data, and two online textbooks: Oceanography in the 21 st Century, and Physical Oceanography.

National Oceanographic Data Center. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Government site archives and provides public access to a  wealth of global oceanographic and coastal data, products, and information. Information ranges from general to technical. At the top of the page you can link to information on Climate Change, Marine Operations, Marine Resources and Conservation, Natural Hazards, Health and Recreation, and National Security (as applies to oceanography). On the right side of the home page, the Central Library provides access to on-line texts, information, and references for various aspects of oceanography. Photo collections is an on-line library with more than 20,000 images.

Earth System Science, Universities Space Systems Association. This site is maintained by a cooperative University Program and NASA. It's goal is to provide information and foster collaboration concerning studies of Earth's global systems. Under the subheading Data Sources, scroll down to the Satellite Images section and the subheading Oceanography from the Space Shuttle. This ESS Oceanography site is a pictorical survey of oceanic phenomena observed from space. There are more than a hundred on-line images of coasts, islands, winds, waves, ship wakes, pollution, spiral eddies, and sulloys, each with short descriptions.

Earth Observing System (EOS), NASA. EOS is the Earth Observing System, in which satellites are used to monitor changes in climate on Earth from Space. The Educational part of this site provides free posters (one per teacher) about Ocean Processes, and how they relate to climate change, as well as a slide set (digital on-line) this topic. Great for on-line lectures. There are numerous other climate-related posters and slide sets, as well as links to educational products related to climate change.

Introduction to Physical Oceanography. M. Tomczak, Flinders University. Online lecture notes for college introductory physical oceanography course. Includes topography, sea water, salinity, heat and mass budgets, depth, thermodynamics, thermohaline processes, climate, waves, tides, estuaries, instrumentation, and exercises.

Introduction to Physical Oceanography. R.H. Stewart, Texas A&M University. Online lecture notes for college introductory physical oceanography course. Includes historical setting, physical setting, atmospheric influences, heat budget, temperature, salinity and density, equations of motion, ocean winds, geostrophic currents, ocean circulation, vorticity, deep circulation, equatorial processes, numerical models, ocean waves, coastal processes, and tides.

Oceanagraphy Web Links. M.R. Boardman, Miami University. Provides useful oceanographic links in the following categories: General, Biological, Geoscience, Physical oceanography, Marine institutions, News/Radio, Weather/Satellite data, Chemistry, Education/course syllabi, Weather, and more.

Oceanographic Resources on the Web . National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Links to NOAA oceanographic resources, oceanographic institutes, research centers, and university research programs.

Paddle Library: An Oceanography Resource Guide. Tower Paddle Boards. This website offers a collection of useful links for oceanography, marine biology, marine chemistry, ocean geology, marine physics and careers in oceanography.

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