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Permian Period--The rise of mammal-like reptiles

Permian Period, Georgia Perimeter College. Summary of important events in Permian history, including the rise of the synapsids (mammal-like reptiles), with examples like Dimetrodon.

Permian Period Animal Printouts, Enchanted Learning-Zoom Dinosaurs. Brief, inadequate summary of the Permian Period, but good non-technical descriptions of the famous Permian amphibian Eryops, and the sail-backed pelycosaurs, including Dimetrodon. Fact sheets, K-3 appropriate printouts, and classroom activities are provided.

Fossil Reptiles of the South African Karoo, IZIKO-Museums of Capetown. A great resource for learning about the famous Late Permian fossils of the Karoo Basin. Contains an introduction, explanation of Karoo Basin geology, descriptions and images of mammal-like reptile fossils, and notes on the exploration and preservation of fossils. It may take a little time for the pictures to load on individual pages.

The Therapsids in Detail, Stephen Priestley. An excellent online guide to an inexpensive paperback book developed by the author. The Web site provides useful, easy-to-understand information and color images that can be used without the accompanying book. Keep advancing through pages by clicking on the "more details" button for images of different types of therapsids, as well as nice diagrams showing changes in the jaw and tooth structure of different families of Permian therapsids. The fierce-looking Gorgonopsians are discussed several pages into the site.

Permian Period, Palaeos. Scoll down to see brief descriptions of the history, tectonics, oceans, climate, and life of the Permian. You can click on linked families and orders of animals for technical details. Good picture of Late Permian gorgonopsids and a Late Permian bestiary in the linked section for the Late Permian. Specific sections concerning the Synapsida: Sphenacodontia,
and Edaphosauridae provide technical descriptions and images of these important Permian synapsid (mammal-like reptiles) families. Edaphosaurus was a plant-eating sail-backed synapsid, while Dimetrodon was a meat-eating sail-backed synapsid.

Introduction to the Pelycosaurs--Synapsids with Attitude, University of California, Berkeley. Short description of the pelycosaurs, a group of animals including the famous sail-backed synapsids (mammal-like reptiles) Dimetrodon and Edaphosaurus.


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