Quaternary-Pleistocene (6th) mass extinction?

Where Have All the Mammals Gone? L.M. Closs. Good summary of three theories for the disappearance of large mammals at the end of the Pleistocene. This site favors climatic causes.

Quaternary Faunas--Pleistocene Extinctions. Introduction to Quaternary Geology, University of Arizona. Online information from a class course. Scroll down the page to Pleistocene extinctions to see explanations of theories concerning the extinctions, as well as maps and graphs of megafaunal extinctions.

Ecological Role of Prehistoric Humans. J.D. Allan, University of Michigan. Short, text summary of the possible causes for the Pleistocene extinctions for a class on biologic diversity. Text includes summary of the climate change vs. human overhunting theory.

The Pleistocene Overkill Hypothesis. University of California, Berkeley. Short text summary of Martin's (1984) hypothesis for human-caused Pleistocene extinctions. Includes an image of Pleistocene ice extent in North America.

The Biology of Human-Caused Extinctions. Kent Holsinger, University of Conneticut. Good site for understanding the ways in which humans cause extinctions and possible consequences of these extinctions.

The Evil Quartet of Human-Caused Extinction. Wildlife Ecology, University of Wisconsin. Well-illustrated online slide show (in PDF format) discusses ideas of overkill, exotic species, habitat loss, and ecosystem stress.

…Pleistocene Megafaunal Mass Extinction. John Alroy, Science, v. 292, 2001. Online article from Science magazine in which a computer simulation indicates that the human overkill hypothesis could account for Pleistocene megafaunal extinctions without the need for climate change or other theories.

Extinct--Pleistocene Megafauna. Bagheera. Short text summaries of the reasons for famous Holocene extinctions (e.g., dodo bird, moas, etc.) as well as Pleistocene megafauna. For the Pleistocene, text summarizes the Pleistocene overkill hypothesis as well as theories concerning climate change. Provides some ideas for K-12 investigation concerning Pleistocene and modern extinctions.

Evolution--The Current Mass Extinction. Public Broadcasting System. Good summary of the theory that the earth is in the midst of a mass extinction. Includes graph of human population, text explanations concerning man's impact on biodiversity.

Mass Extinction Underway. Hundreds of links to web sites concerned with the possibility of a Quaternary to current mass extinction, including a copy of a chapter from a book by Richard Leakey on the 6th extinction.

The Sixth Extinction. National Geographic. Online text from an article in National Geographic magazine in February 1999.

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