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Explore the GLOBE—Soil lnvestigation, NASA. The GLOBE site is an interactive site that lets teachers and students from 4000 schools in 55 countries works with research scientists exploring our planet. The Soil investigation contains background material, suggestions for hands-on field-based investigations and data collections. Protocols include how to characterize soils using field and lab measurements, and how to measure and analyze soil moisture. This site is aimed at classrooms that want to collect and exchange data, so is probably more suited to 8-12-grade classrooms. Several other science investigations are offered.

Sustaining our Soils, American Geological Institute. This site provides information on the annual Earth Science Week. Teachers can order a free soils information kit, which contains demonstrations and lessons about soils for K-12 classrooms, a soil bookmark, and a colorful soils poster. Also, available is a book, Sustaining our Soils, produced by AGI, the Soil Science Society of America, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Services. The book has a discount price for educators of $9.95 plus shipping and handling.

How Fast do Sediment Grains of Different Sizes Settle? Department of Geosciences, Vanderbilt University, from the SEPM on-line exercises. This exercise familiarizes students with the idea of turbidity and settling of grains in a water column. Students use local soils or mixtures of sediment and plot semi-quantitative measurements to demonstrate idea of grain settling.

Weathering and Erosion, Medina On-line. Scroll down the page to see a definition of soils, diagrams of soil formation, and relation of soils to weathering and erosion.

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