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Space Science 

Sky and Telescope Commercial site for "Sky ∓ Telescope" magazine. Good information on viewing comets and meteors. Charts to help you observe celestial objects. See What's up? (in the sky ).

Bradford Robotic Telescope Students may place an observation request and receive the resulting electronic images. Because of observation schedules, you may have to contact them months in advance. Be sure you know what is in the sky and when. Plan carefully and plan ahead.

Abrams Planetarium Easy to use information on observing stars, planets, comets, meteors, and others. See the Skywatcher's Diary, a calendar of celestial events (contact them, you can subscribe to it).

NASA Spacelink Provides instructional materials, pictures, and information on the space program and current missions. A search engine is available to help you find NASA topics. In particular, see the following pages:

NASA Educator Astronaut NASA's Educator Astronaut Program web site is designed to inspire the next generation of explorers. It allows students, parents, friends and colleagues to nominate an educator for NASA's full-time Astronaut Corps, and allows educators to apply for the program. The site promotes proficiency in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and encourages visitors to work with NASA to shape the future in space and on Earth.

Goddard Space Flight Center This site offers educational materials in both the space and earth sciences. The Mission to Planet Earth project is a global research effort with interagency and international partners investigating patterns in climate that will allow better prediction and response to environmental events such as floods and severe winters.

Hubble Space Telescope This is the Hubble Space Telescope home page. There are educational materials, pictures, technical data, and information about the telescope. Solar System Trading Cards, a game for learning about our nearest neighbors, is one of the Amazing Space educational activities provided at this site.

Views of the Solar System, Los Alamos National Laboratory.  Provides 220 pages of information and more than 950 high-resolution images and animation of the solar system, with lesson plans and activities for a wide variety of space science topics.

Science-Education Gateway. More than 20 lesson plans for grades K-12 developed through the University of California-Berkeley including Aurora’s: Paintings in the Sky, Best of the Solar System, The Comet’s Tale, Classifying Galaxies, Electromagnetic Radiation on Trial, Exploring the Planets On Line, The Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer, Eyes in the Sky, Find That Comet, and more.

Telescopes in Education. Provides access to a robotic telescope on Mount Wilson. Operated by Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) of NASA, the site includes telescope building and observation projects.


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