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Paleogene (Tertiary) Period–Oligocene Life

Walking with Prehistoric Beasts-BBC. Wikipedia. Short summaries of the BBC-Discovery video series episodes.  The “Land of Giants” episode concerns the late-Oligocene fauna of Mongolia with links to descriptions of the creatures shown in the video. The main theme of this episode is climate change and revolves around the largest land mammal of all time Indricotherium (Paraceratherium).

Oligocene. University of California, Berkeley. Brief summary of life in the Oligocene, with information about stratigraphy, life, fossil localities, and tectonics of the epoch.

Programme 3--Oligocene Evidence. British Broadcasting Company, Walking with Prehistoric Beasts. Summary of the fossil evidence for creatures shown in the video concerning the Oligocene Epoch in Asia, including the largest mammal of all time, Indricotherium; the bear-dogs and fearsome Hyaenodon; the pig-like Entelodon; and the clawed, knuckle-walking Chalicotherium.

Prehistoric creatures. Discovery Channel. Pictures and short descriptions of prehistoric creatures.



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