Kentucky 1999 Natural Gas Production

Contact: Brandon Nuttall

Gas production in KentuckyNatural gas production fell 6 percent from the previous year to 76.8 billion cubic feet. The total value of gas produced was nearly $159 million with severance tax collected exceeding $7 million. Eastern Kentucky accounts for 98.8 percent of the statewide production. The leading gas-producing county, Pike County, produced 40 percent of the statewide total. Gas production in Kentucky is dominated by the organic-rich Devonian Ohio black shale and Mississippian carbonates (the "Big Lime" of drillers). Although coalbed methane production is still in its infancy in Kentucky, shows of gas in coals indicate potential for this exciting emerging resource. The Rome Trough Project is studying the potential for deep gas resources in eastern Kentucky.

Gas producing counties in Kentucky

Oil and gas production data reported here are based on information received by the Survey from the Severance Tax Division of the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet. These monthly oil and gas production data by county are proprietary and are expected to be released in January 2001. Data for some individual wells are available at the Kentucky Division of Oil and Gas Web site.

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Created 21-Jun-2000