Northern Kentucky Seismic Section

Contact: Dave Harris

From Drahovzal, J.A., 1997, Proterozoic sequences and their implications for Precambrian and Cambrian geologic evolution of western Kentucky: Evidence from seismic-reflection data: Kentucky Geological Survey, Series XI, Reprint R-44, p. 553-566

Seismic reflection data and interpretation of parts of Gulf Exploration and Production Co. lines, KY 7B-7C (provided by Chevron U.S.A. Production Co.), central Hancock and northern Ohio Counties, Kentucky. Sequence contacts shown by thin, white lines; heavy, white line is the sequence boundary between the post-Grenville and the pre-Grenville sequences. Heavy black lines indicate faults; low-angle lines represent Grenville thrust faults; high-angle lines represent post-Grenville, high-angle faults. Black, right-side-up arrows show locations of reflection onlap. Black, upside-down arrows show locations of reflections indicating erosional truncation. White, right-side-up arrows show locations of reflection downlap. White, upside-down arrows show locations of reflection toplap. Examples of Pre-Grenville reflection packages interpreted to be correlative with the volcanic sequence (1) and the Middle Run sequence (2) are shown.

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