FAQ: How do I order information from the well record library?

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If you are looking for well record data, most of that data is posted on the web and is available at no charge. See "How do I use the online Kentucky oil and gas well records?" for more information.

You may place an order by phoning the Geologic Data Center at 859/257-5500 or 859/257-8238. You may contact us by e-mail. The mailing address is:

Geologic Data Center
Kentucky Geological Survey
228 Mining and Mineral Resources Building
University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0107

Orders may be shipped cash on delivery (COD) or charged to MasterCard or Visa. Call Publication Sales at 859/257-5500, 859/257-3896, or toll-free at 877/778-7827 for information.

The Kentucky Geological Survey is not in a position to guarantee the security of any electronic mail message. We suggest you contact us by phone or letter if you wish to place an order that is to be charged against a MasterCard or Visa account.

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