Coalbed Methane Possibilities in Kentucky

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Coalbed Methane.Possibilities in Kentucky


Firedamp is a mining hazard

How does CBM form?

Coalbed Methane?

Kentucky Coal Basins

CBM Resource (Bcf)

Evidence for CBM in Ky.

Explosions and Ignitions

Areas with R0 > 0.6

Cleat Strike Data

Summary of Cleat Data

Measuring Gas Content

Kim Formula

Limitations of Kim Formula

Use of the Kim Formula

Coal-Quality Database

Coalbed Methane Data Set

Gas Content of Kentucky Coals

Desorption Data

Observed Desorption Data

Gas Content (E. Ky.)

Gas in Place (E. Ky.)

Gas Content (W. Ky.)

Numbers Are Low

CBM Activity in Kentucky

CBM Production: 1928

CBM Production: 1957

CBM Production: 1990

CBM Production: 1998

Nami Resources, SMEPA


SMEPA Production

Cumulative Production

Western Kentucky coals?

Disclaimer and warning

Modeling: Can It Make Money?

Model CBM Production

SMEPA Production

Balance Sheet: Decline Analysis

Western Kentucky Targets

Major Coal Seams

Greatest CBM Potential

Current Interest Area

Springfield Overburden


Kentucky Geological Survey

Author: Brandon C. Nuttall


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Kentucky Oil and Gas Association CBM in the Illinois Basin Workshop, Evansville, IN, 22-Aug-2002

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