Geology of Pennsylvanian Strata in the Western Kentucky Coal Field

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Location and Reserves

Stratigraphy: Caseyville

Caseyville Cross Section

Stratigraphy: Tradewater

Tradewater Cross Section

Stratigraphy: Carbondale

Cyclic Deposition in the Carbondale

Carbondale Type Log

Stratigraphy: Shelburn

Shelburn Cross Section

Coal Quality West versus East

General Production Trends

Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990

Springfield Coal Thickness

Baker Coal Thickness

Springfield to Baker Interval Thickness

WKY Coal Field Structural Features

Springfield Overburden Thickness

Springfield Coal Mined Out Areas

Springfield Coal BTU/lb

Springfield Coal Total Vitrinite

Springfield Coal Romax

KGS Borehole Database


Author: Cortland Eble

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Kentucky Oil and Gas Association CBM in the Illinois Basin Workshop, Evansville, IN, 22-Aug-2002

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