Tertiary Oil Recovery Information System (TORIS) Database Enhancement in Kentucky

Contact: Brandon Nuttall

Oil fields included in TORIS

The National Petroleum Council's public database, known as TORIS, is a collection of reservoir data used by the U.S. Department of Energy to characterize the Nation's oil resources and develop national energy strategies. Data from the 1984 study are available on the Web at the National Petroleum Technology Office. The original study, however, included data for only five reservoirs located in the Illinois Basin region of western Kentucky. KGS conducted studies and collected additional data to provide more accurate estimates of the state's resources. The study indicated that the original mobile oil in place in Kentucky was more than 1.7 billion barrels; the remaining mobile oil in place is estimated to be more than 1.3 billion barrels. The Lower Mississippian Weir sandstone of eastern Kentucky accounts for approximately 41 percent of the total remaining mobile oil in place.

A summary of the Kentucky TORIS information is available (pdf file). An Excel 97 workbook of the data is available for downloading. Go to NPTO for a manual describing the TORIS data elements.

Production and other statistical data are available at the Kentucky Virtual Regional Resource Center Web site.

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