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Cladopora acupicta Davis

Cladopora is a type of branching coral found in Devonian limestones at the Falls of the Ohio. This specimen is about 12 cm long. If you look at the fossil in detail you can see the many tiny pores or holes (called corallites) where the coral animals (polyps) lived when the coral was alive. Specimen donated to the Kentucky Geological Survey collection by R. Todd Hendricks and featured in Greb and others, 1993, Fig. 22a. Identification by Alan Goldstein. The genus occurs commonly as both branching and mound-shaped colonies.


Emmonsia branches are among the most common coral fragments exposed in the upper layers of limestone at the Falls of the Ohio. Most are 2 to 5 cm in diameter. Emmonsia branches are very thin and look like fine, hair-like lines in this section through an Emmonsia branch.

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