Discovery Lease of Big Sinking

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Eastern Gulf Oil's Eph. Angel lease now owned by Charmagne. Near confluence of Caves Fork and Hog Gap Hollow.
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Bluff overlooking Caves Fork. Jillson took 1920 picture from there.
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Panorama of Cave Fork area of Big Sinking Field taken by Jillson, 1920. Field trip route is along dirt road visible above "Creek" in caption. Requires MrSid plugin available from Lizard Tech.
Click to see map of the Eph. Angel lease Map of the Eastern Gulf Oil properties along Caves Fork, 1923. Shows the Eph. Angel lease, the discovery lease of Big Sinking. The discovery well, no. 1 Eph Angel, is east of the central power shed no. 1. Note the details of the layout of the rod lines and the field camp. The camp includes a store, privys, chicken houses, cottages, and others. The map shows an inventory of the engines used to power the wells. The stone foundations of a few of these original buildings are all that remain. Requires MrSid plugin available from Lizard Tech.

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