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KSPG Fall Fieldtrip, November 2-4, 2000

Click to see panorama of Reed Quarry
Panoramic view of the Vulcan Materials Reed Quarry

Field trip guidebook (in pdf format, WARNING 12 Mb!)

Images from the field trip (click on the thumbnail images to get a larger image):


All photos © 2000 by Brandon C. Nuttall. Camera used is a digital Olympus C-3030 zoom.
Click on the thumbnail images to see larger image.

Stop 1: Old Hickory Clay Company, Marshall Pit. Pit originally opened in 1989.

Click to see Pb030094.jpg
Breakfast at Days Inn, Mayfield
Click to see Pb030096.jpg
Hauler at Old Hickory Clay Co., Marshall Pit
Click to see Pb030097.jpg
Excavator at Marshall Pit
Click to see Pb030098.jpg
Fragments of log recovered from clay
(on bench)
Click to see Pb030100.jpg
Failure on back highwall of Marshall Pit
Click to see Pb030101.jpg
Clay-filled root structures in lignite
overlying main clay deposit
Click to see Pb030102.jpg
Clay-filled root structures in lignite
overlying main clay deposit
Click to see Pb030104.jpg
Log, diagonal lines are tool marks of
teeth on bucket of excavator
Click to see Pb030105.jpg
Overall view of Marshall Pit
Click to see Pb030106.jpg
View of pit wall showing
rapid oxidation of clay
Click to see Pb030109.jpg
Field trip group watching excavator
Click to see Pb030110.jpg
Loading toilets into a hauler
at the Marshall Pit
Click to see Pb030111.jpg
Lignite blocks
Click to see Pb030112.jpg
Scour zone in continental deposits
(Lafayette Gravel) at Marshall Pit



Stop 2: Old Hickory Clay Co. storage shed and processing plant.

Click to see Pb030113.jpg
Old Hickory Clay Co. storage shed
and processing plant
Click to see Pb030115.jpg
Clay segregated into piles based on physical
and chemical properties
Click to see Pb030116.jpg
Organic- and illite-rich clay
destined for toilets
Click to see Pb030121.jpg
Tertiary leaf fossil
Click to see Pb030122.jpg
Tertiary leaf fossil (found by Steve Martin)
Click to see Pb030123.jpg
Cast of leaf in picture 122
Click to see Pb030124.jpg
Feed hopper for shredder
Click to see Pb030125.jpg
Controls for drying ovens, used for
moisture content control
Click to see Pb030126.jpg
Drying oven
Click to see Pb030127.jpg
Mill with internal "whizzer" for
controlling final powder size
Click to see Pb030128.jpg
Loader getting clay for a
particular product mix
Click to see Pb030129.jpg
Slurry intended for casting as toilets
Click to see Pb030131.jpg
Slurry tanks


Much of the clay from Old Hickory's operations was destined for "sanitary ware."

Click to see Pb030147.jpg
Where all the clay was going
toilet and tiles


Stop 3: Powell Pit, sand and gravel.

Click to see Pb030132.jpg
Sorted sand and gravel piles at Powell Pit
Click to see Pb030133.jpg
Working face at Powel Pit
Click to see Pb030134.jpg
Lafayette gravel showing poor sorting


Stop 4: Clastic dikes near Symsonia.

Click to see Pb030136.jpg
Clastic dike with large tabular body
Click to see Pb030138.jpg
Small vertical clastic dike
Click to see Pb030139.jpg
Clastic dike, Roy VanArsdale in picture


Stop 5: Geologic hazards, landslides at Hickman, Kentucky.

Click to see Pb030140.jpg
Downtown Hickman, block cleared
for park, shot along inside
of floodwall
Click to see Pb030141.jpg
Downtown Hickman, shot along
[virtually abandoned] main street
Click to see Pb030142.jpg
Dr. Kiefer telling group the story
of Hickman (from top of floodwall)
Click to see Pb030143.jpg
Area of slurry trench, view
from top of floodwall showing
Click to see Pb030146.jpg
Corps of Eng. Remediated slide, shotcrete
covering of slope held together
by 80' +/- soil nails


Stop 6: Vulcan Materials, Reed Quarry

Click on the thumbnail images to see larger image.

Click to see Pb040153.jpg
Vulcan Materials, Reed Quarry
Click to see Pb040154.jpg
Hauler being loaded on quarry bench
Click to see Pb040155.jpg
Zoom in on scene in picture 154
Click to see Pb040156.jpg
Quarry panorama picture 1 (left panel)
Click to see Pb040157.jpg
Quarry panorama picture 2 (center panel)
Click to see Pb040158.jpg
Quarry panorama picture 3 (right panel)
Click to see Pb040159.jpg
60' +/- high waterfalls at quarry bench edges
Click to see Pb040160.jpg
View of our destination, bottom of quarry
Click to see Pb040162.jpg
Zoomed view of falls into quarry
Click to see Pb040163.jpg
GPS at bottom of quarry showing
elevation of 36' below sea level
Click to see Pb040167.jpg
Camera is faster than the
speeding geologist
Click to see Pb040168.jpg
Bioherm (mud mound) in Ft. Payne
Click to see Pb040169.jpg
View of quarry floor from Ft. Payne
Click to see Pb040170.jpg
Onlapping beds on flank of Ft. Payne
Click to see Pb040171.jpg
[Distant] view of Ft. Payne bioherm
Click to see Pb040172.jpg
Chart showing section and model
of bioherm
Click to see Pb040173.jpg
Stylolites (pressure solution features)
in bryozoan-crinoid grainstone facies
of Ullin
Click to see Pb040174.jpg
Hauler (85-90 tons per load)