How can I find descriptions of the rocks that make up each map unit?

Each map unit has lithologic descriptions that were derived from the original GQ map. Economic and geotechnical descriptions are also provided. These descriptions are stored in text paragraphs organized by 7.5-minute quadrangle, and can be viewed with the "LithoDescription.hlp" file that is provided with the DVGQ data. This file is a Microsoft Windows Help file and works on any computer that uses Microsoft Windows. Download a sample lithology help file.

Map unit descriptions may consist of a single paragraph or multiple paragraphs that correspond to formal or informal components. For example, the DVGQ map unit "Ashlock Formation" may have descriptions of its formal members -- Reba, Terrill, Stingy Creek, Gilbert and Tate -- but not a single description of itself. Other map units may have descriptions that informally refer to an upper and lower part.

To access and use map descriptions, follow the steps below: