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New Map and GIS Products at KGS

Recent Map Products

Water well and spring maps: Created for 30 x 60 minute quadrangles (scale 1:100,000), these maps show locations of different kinds of water wells and springs in Kentucky. Available for the Harrodsburg, Lexington, Bowling Green, Beaver Dam, and Somerset quadrangles.

30x60 Minute Geologic Map Series: This 1:100,000-scale map series is being compiled from digital versions of the 1:24,000 GQ maps. The new maps have a regional perspective along with the detail of the larger-scale maps. Availability of maps is shown on the Status Map.

Recent GIS Products

DVGQ series: Spatial databases for 7.5-minute geologic quadrangle maps (GQ's) have been prepared as ESRI shapefiles. Each DVGQ data set contains up to 15 themes that relate to geologic features on the original map. The data are provided in geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) in both NAD27 and NAD83 datums. Learn more about DVGQ's.

Scanned Map Products

KGS is cooperating with the Kentucky Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet to scan and georeference historical maps that relate to Kentucky's landscape. The National Wetlands Inventory maps of the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service and landslide maps produced by the U.S. Geological Survey are currently being scanned.

Historical oil and gas maps: A number of county oil and gas maps have been prepared as scanned images. These maps show information about geologic bedrock and structures, as well as oil and gas drilling.


Please consult our online list of publications for up-to-date listings of KGS products.

Contact KGS Publication Sales for more information about the availability of these products.