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The KGS Minerals Group conducts research on mineral deposits and bulk mineral commodities, and maintains important databases of mineral and chemical information for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. An important map that is used in this Web site is the Mineral and Fuel Resources Map of Kentucky. All of the minerals discussed in the Industrial Minerals Web site can be located on this map. In the near future, KGS will have a Minerals Internet Map Service, whereby detailed information about the minerals of the state can be located online and accessed via computer.

map Clays Central Kentucky Mineral District South-Central Kentucky Mineral District Iron Western Kentucky Mineral District Sand and Gravel

Mineral and Fuels Resources Map

Overview - The Economy, Technology and Minerals

Ore Deposits

Industrial Minerals

Cores/Outcrop/Sample Analysis


Kentucky Minerals Database

Thousands of records on Kentucky minerals and mining are now available Kentucky Geological Survey at the University of Kentucky. During the past decade, KGS staff Warren Anderson, Tom Sparks, and Richard Smath have developed a minerals database of scanned documents that include core logs, cross sections, mine and property maps, geochemical and geophysical maps, chemical analyses, and unpublished reports. This map service provides information and location data pertaining to Kentucky's ore mineral resources and their associated commodities: fluorite (fluorspar), galena (lead), sphalerite (zinc), barite, iron, nitrates, and phosphates. The database provides access to more than 20,000 files containing information about ore-bearing mines and their associated minerals across the state, particularly in the three major mineral districts in central, southern, and western Kentucky. Any core data with significant mineral information are also included.

A link called "About This Service" describes the map service and gives instructions on how to use the service. Panels on the left side of the page include a legend describing icons on the map, layers that can be turned on and off, along with search and print utilities. Information can be searched by name (general to specific), commodity, mineral, or location (county or quadrangle).

This database was made possible by the contributions of records from geologists, mining and exploration companies, and researchers, as well as students and staff who scanned and organized these records over the years of the database’s development.