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Cores, Outcrops, and Samples

The Mineral and Fuel Resources Map of Kentucky shows numerous locations of cores that contain shows of various types of mineralization, including bulk or industrial minerals, as demonstrated on the map's legend. Most of the deep cores penetrated the Knox dolomite, and mineralization was noted within the cores. Other outcrops or old mine locations are also annotated with descriptive information about the mineral occurrence at the site. There is no GIS component to these data, but approximate county locations and age and type of minerals are available for selected cores in the KGS Well Sample and Core Library.

Outcrop data were derived either from recent field work or from geologic quadrangle maps. More detailed data are being compiled into the KGS Minerals Database.

KGS participated in the National Geochemical Database program, in which states sampled stream sediments on a random grid network, and samples were analyzed and results published by the U.S. Geological Survey.