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logo KYCCS Eastern Kentucky Shale Gas Enhanced Recovery and CO2 Storage

The goal of this project is to test and demonstrate injecting CO2 into organic-rich, black gas shales for long-term storage and enhanced natural gas production. The main tasks of this project are to:

  1. Acquire data for reservoir simulation
  2. Use the modeling to test and plan CO2 injection
  3. Site selection, construction, and injection
  4. Assessment
For more information, see Scoping Outline for Testing Enhanced Gas Recovery (EGR) from the Devonian Black Shales of Kentucky using CO2 Injection

These partners have contributed goods
and services to the successful completion
of this project. Thanks.



Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership

Pike County Fiscal

Schlumberger Carbon Services

Summit Engineering,

Completed sampling the drill cuttings. Cuttings and rotary sidewall cores shipped to Chesapeake for shale analysis.

The Blue Flame Energy K-2605 Batten & Baird well, Pike County, permit 102566 reaches TD of 5,035 in the Olentangy Shale. Standard open-hole nuclear log suite, ECS, and rotary sidewall cores are acquired by the KYCCS and partners for shale analysis and modeling. Bids for core analysis are being solicited. (LithoDensity, Array Induction, Temperature Log, Unprocessed ECS, requires Schlumberger PDSView)

Secured public release of log, core, and analytical data from the Rosewood #2 Bargo well, Knox County, permit 99456. This well, drilled in 2006, includes full core through the shale, rotary sidewall cores at selected depths, Mud log, FMI, ECS, Dipole Sonic, and standard nuclear log suite, thin sections, shale desorption and adsorption data (CH4), XRD, Rock Eval, and other data. The data for this well will be important for reservoir simulation and modeling. (LithoDensity, Array Induction, Temperature Log, FMI, ECS/Shale Analysis, requires Schlumberger PDSView)

Project and proposal discussion with County Judge Executive Wayne Rutherford and Roger Ford. (Presentation by B. Nuttall)

Burk Branch site (geologic map of vicinity) proposal received from the Pike County Fiscal Court (America's Energy Capital).

Visit to proposed Sulphur Springs Branch site (geologic map of vicinity), Interstate Natural Gas.

CO2 Enhanced Gas Recovery Organization Meeting.


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