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Kentucky Consortium for Carbon Storage Focus Meeting Announcement

Meeting Agendas:

A series of project focus meetings have been scheduled as a follow-up to the December meeting of the Kentucky Consortium for Carbon Storage (KYCCS). The meeting on December 7, 2007, was attended by more than 100 people representing industries, service companies, and government agencies. The purpose of that meeting was to disseminate general information on how projects under section 57 of the Kentucky Energy Bill, HB-1 would be organized. Also a request was made for groups interested in participating to send in their Intent to Participate forms so that detailed planning for the projects could begin. KGS needs to receive these forms as soon as possible.

Three focus meetings in early January are scheduled to discuss in detail partnerships for research on Western Kentucky carbon storage, Eastern Kentucky carbon storage, and CO2 enhanced oil and gas recovery. One goal of the meetings is to form steering committees to help guide the research. If you have interest in participating in any of these projects you are invited to attend the appropriate meeting(s).

The meetings will be held Wednesday through Friday, January 9-11, 2008, in the conference room at the Kentucky Geological Survey Core and Sample Library on Iron Works Pike north of Lexington, near the Kentucky Horse Park. A map and driving instructions are enclosed. The schedule is as follows:

All meetings will start at 10:00 a.m. with a lunch provided.

The purpose of these meetings is to discuss the financial, organizational, geologic and technical details, potential project areas, and timetables for the three major research areas. We welcome your input and suggestions for potential project sites, targets, and objectives. We must identify partners, set goals, and secure resources for conducting this research. If you are not able to attend the focus meetings, but are interested in participating, please let us know and we will keep you informed of the progress made.

It is important that we receive your Intent to Participate form in the research program as soon as possible, or at least an indication of your interests and level of involvement. The Intent to Participate form is posted on the KyCCS. If you have any questions please contact Dave Harris.

Please RSVP for the meetings by January 7, 2008 to Mandy Long at email:

Note: The Kentucky Geological Survey is closed from Dec. 25, 2007 through Jan. 1, 2008. We will reopen on January 2, 2008.