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KGS and Partners Planning Carbon Storage and Enhanced Energy Recovery Projects

Contact: Mike Lynch, Public Education and Outreach

Lexington, KY. (January 28, 2008) - The Kentucky Geological Survey at the University of Kentucky has held meetings with public and private partners to begin planning for projects to meet the goals of House Bill -1, passed by the special session of the Kentucky General Assembly last summer. The legislation directed KGS to research the potential for enhanced oil and gas recovery in Kentucky using carbon dioxide as well as the state's capacity for permanent storage of CO2 in deep geologic formations. The bill, which allotted $5 million for the research, also encourages KGS to use the allocation to match federal and private funding.

The Survey has set up the Kentucky Consortium for Carbon Storage (KYCCS, web page: as an umbrella organization to oversee these efforts.

KGS and the Governor's Office of Energy Policy held an initial meeting to invite energy-industry interest in early December, followed by meetings on January 9 - 11 with potential partners in the projects to be funded by the $5 million and other matching funds.

Representatives from energy-related companies, other UK research centers and other state universities attended the meetings. KGS staff outlined the expectations of HB-1 and current energy research by the Survey. The discussions involved technical and legal issues related to drilling deep wells for carbon storage research and criteria for selecting existing wells to test the use of CO2 to increase the recovery of natural gas or oil. They also considered options for adding private donations of funding, in-kind services and well sites to the projects.

Project advisory committees were also set up to continue working with the organizational and technical issues related to the projects.

Additional information on the legislation, technical presentations made at the meetings and updates on project progress can be found at the website.