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KGS X-Ray Diffraction Instrument Schedule

To reserve time on the XRD instrument located in room 369 of the Mining and Mineral Resources Building, first follow the link above to the XRD schedule and locate an unscheduled time you wish to reserve. Second, send an e-mail with the date and time to us by clicking the link below, and we will update the schedule to reflect your reservation. If you need to cancel your scheduled time, please do so as soon as possible.

Send an e-mail to schedule instrument time or click on the links at the bottom of the schedule pages.

Please refer to the UK Radiation Safety Web site for safety requirements and training concerning X-ray diffraction safety.

Please view X-ray Diffraction Operating Procedure for an outline of the proper operation of the instrument and answers to frequently asked questions.

Please direct questions regarding X-ray diffraction scheduling to:

Jason Backus (mail to: )