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All of these employees can be reached at this address.

Kentucky Geological Survey
University of Kentucky

228 Mining and Mineral Resources Building
Lexington, KY 40506-0107
Phone: (859) 257-5500

Note: The Digital Mapping Program has been completed and the employees below have been reassigned to new responsibilities.

Gerald A. Weisenfluh - Section Head, Geospatial Analysis
Section Head, Geologist V
Education: B.A., College of Wooster; M.S. and Ph.D., University of South Carolina
Major Responsibilities: Compilation of geologic maps and databases for Somerset-Corbin area.
Research Interests: Applied coal geology, GIS applications in geology

Warren H. Anderson - Geospatial Analysis
Geologist V, Principal Investigator of Digital Geologic Mapping Program
Education: B.S., South Dakota School of Mines; M.S., University of Kentucky
Major Responsibilities: Project proposals, final reports, personnel, fiscal/budgetary, geologic mapping, GIS/database, technology liaison with external agencies
Research Interests: GIS, automated geologic mapping, mineral/petroleum deposits, planetary geology

Thomas N. Sparks - Geospatial Analysis
Geologist III, Technical Coordinator for Digital Geologic Mapping Program
Education: B.S., Morehead State University; M.S., Duke University
Major Responsibilities: Data quality control and quality assurance, digital map compilation and edge matching, GIS applications using ARC/INFO, creation of ArcView final layouts
Research Interests: Geologic mapping applications in ARC/INFO and ArcView

Steven L. Martin - Geospatial Analysis
Geologist II, Compiler
Education: B.S. and M.S., University of Tennessee
Major Responsibilities: Digital mapping of western Kentucky (Jackson Purchase Region)
Research Interests: Structural geology/tectonics, geologic mapping

Douglas C. Curl - Geospatial Analysis, Web Development Team
Geologist II, Compiler
Education: B.S., Guilford College; M.S., University of Tennessee
Major Responsibilities: Digital map compilation, Web design, database management
Research Interests: GIS and Web GIS development, geologic mapping, structural geology

Matthew M. Crawford - Geospatial Analysis
Geologist II, Compiler
Education: B.A., Hanover College; M.S., Eastern Kentucky University
Major Responsibilities: Digital mapping, compilation, data management
Research Interests: GIS, geologic mapping, petrology

Michael L. Murphy - Geospatial Analysis