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Karst GIS, Map, and Publication Resources
Downloadable KGS resources for karst mapping and geographic information systems:

Karst Occurrence in Kentucky, KGS Map and Chart 33 (digitized from 1:500,000-scale geologic map)
GIS Shapefiles (zip file); Metadata
Printable PDF map

Sinkhole coverage for the karst areas of Kentucky
GIS Shapefiles and Metadata

Karst groundwater basin maps - Beaver Dam, Campbellsville, Bowling Green, Lexington, Harrodsburg, and Somerset 30 x 60 minute quadrangles.
Seamless statewide GIS coverage (zip file); Metadata
Beaver Dam printable PDF map
Bowling Green printable PDF map
Campbellsville printable PDF map
Harrodsburg printable PDF map
Lexington printable PDF map
Somerset printable PDF map

Inventory of karst springs of Fayette County, KGS Map and Chart 28
Printable PDF map

Kentucky generalized karst block diagrams, KGS Map and Chart 15, 16, 17 and 18
Western Pennyroyal printable PDF diagram
Eastern Pennyroyal printable PDF diagram
Inner Bluegrass printable PDF diagram
Pine Mountain printable PDF diagram

Protecting Kentucky's Karst Aquifers from Nonpoint-Source Pollution, KGS Map and Chart 27
Printable PDF Poster

Karst-related KGS reports
Kentucky is karst country: What you should know about sinkholes and springs
Mass flux of agricultural nonpoint-source pollutants in a conduit-flow-dominated karst aquifer, Logan County, Kentucky
Electrical resistivity studies in the Inner Bluegrass karst region, Kentucky
Flooding of Sinking Creek karst area in Jessamine and Woodford Counties, Kentucky
Ordinance for the control of urban development in sinkhole areas in the Blue Grass karst region, Lexington, Kentucky

Cave Information
The Kentucky Geological Survey does not maintain data on caves. For scientific, engineering, or cave surveying information, contact the Kentucky Speleological Survey, a nonprofit organization formed by cavers in 2000.

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