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Digital Atlas of Kentucky's Ground Water

Contact: Dan Carey

Reports on the ground-water resources of each of Kentucky's 120 counties were prepared for the Water Resource Development Commission by the Kentucky Geological Survey. These reports complement other county planning reports of the commission, including Strategic Water Development Plans and Strategic Wastewater Treatment Plans, and the county water supply plans of the Division of Water.

Each ground-water resource report is a compilation of information on hydrology, geology, topography, water supply, and water quality taken from maps, reports, and data collected from 1940 to 2000. The primary way to access the information is through links from the report to the Internet - for example, by linking to the KGS Web site library of ground-water research. The digital form of the reports, and the fact that data anywhere on the Internet can be linked, make them dynamic tools for gathering information.

The current compilation is not exhaustive. As new or more detailed information becomes available it can be easily added to the reports. Although these reports may be of value to planners and geologists for strategic planning and feasibility studies, they cannot replace field investigations for the development or assessment of site-specific ground-water resources.

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