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Kentucky Water-Well and Spring Location Maps

Contact: Bart Davidson

The Kentucky Geological Survey has produced maps showing the distribution of water wells and springs in Kentucky at a scale of 1:100,000 (30 x 60 minute quadrangles). Each map displays locations of four types of water wells (private, industrial, public, and monitoring) in addition to location of springs. The maps also indicate locations where water quality analyses have been completed for both wells and springs. The data for these maps are being compiled from the Kentucky Groundwater Data Repository.

This series of maps is useful to environmental scientists who need to locate water wells that could be affected by various environmental problems, such as chemical spills or leaks from underground petroleum storage tanks. Homeowners seeking a suitable groundwater supply will be able to locate water wells or springs in their vicinity that might assist well drillers in determining where and how deep to drill for water. Industrial or recreational planners would also be able to use the maps to locate wells or springs near their area of interest to help determine depth to groundwater or allow them to check for possible water sources for projects such as golf courses or public parks.

Maps of the following 30 x 60 minute quadrangles have been produced:

Each map is available online as a PDF file at (click on "main catalog search" and enter "water well and spring" in the keyword search field.)  Detailed information about the wells and springs identified on the maps is available from the Kentucky Groundwater Data Repository at . Paper copies of the maps can be purchased from the KGS Public Information Center for $8.00 each (859-257-5500 or toll-free at 1-877-778-7827.)