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Expanded Ground-Water Monitoring for Nonpoint-Source Pollution Assessment in the Upper and Lower Cumberland and Tennessee River Basins, and the Jackson Purchase Region

Contact: Stephen Fisher

New ground-water samples must be collected and analyzed to expand coverage of the state. The Ambient Groundwater Monitoring program conducted by the Groundwater Branch, Kentucky Division of Water, samples approximately 120 wells and springs quarterly each year. This sample suite is being expanded by collecting and analyzing samples quarterly for 1 year at 30 sites in basins of the upper and lower Cumberland River, Tennessee River, and Jackson Purchase Region. The goals are to improve our knowledge of ground-water quality in these regions, locate useable supplies of ground water, and determine whether water supplies have been affected by nonpoint-source pollution. Results of the water analyses will be added to the Kentucky Ground-Water Data Repository and will provide information for reports on ground-water quality.