Sample Collection Core Descriptions

Mine Subsidence Soil Piping Mass Wasting

The personnel of the Western Regional Office in Henderson often collect, assist the collection, or secure collection sites for taking samples of coal, petroleum, water, industrial minerals and soils.

Our personnel have conducted coring programs for coal and soils and have cooperated with private concerns to gain valuable subsurface information.

We have assisted the public, industry, and governments in the investigation of mine subsidence, karst and soil piping incidences and also have investigated rock falls and earth slides.

Collapsed Soil Pipe Cavity near house in Henderson, Kentucky

Soil piping is a common minor geologic hazard in western Kentucky. They normally appear suddenly after strong rains and are a big concern to homeowners when they occur close to foundations. They can be difficult to remediate but often it is resolved by filling in the hole with a coarser material and diverting water from the area.

Ledbetter Bridge Slide along bank of Tennessee River at old US 60 Bridge. A major portion of the slide scarp about 35 ft. high. This picture taken from atop the unmoved portion of the hill. The McNairy Formation (clay, silty with some sand laminations) and a slip-face (slickenside) was observed just below the toe of the slide. This slide was responsible for damaging the Ledbetter Bridge crossing the Tennessee River at Paducah that led to the pre-mature closing of the bridge.
Dave Williams Investigates Rock Fall on Western Kentucky Parkway
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