Eric Wright (sociology) interviews a participant in Lexington's "Keep the Heat On," 24 hours of homelessness in the city, spring, 2001)

University of Kentucky Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship


The Journal includes a variety of articles, reports, and other productions by students.

Full-length journal articles resulting from students' creative, research, and other scholarly undertakings*

Examples of students' musical and artistic creations, such as recordings of recitals and galleries of paintings, photographs, or sculpture*

Undergraduate honors theses; Gaines Fellows theses; Oswald Research and Creativity Program reports; Undergraduate Research Program reports*

Brief reports of work in progress, travel, internship experiences, and other educational undertakings

Articles and letters expressing opinions on issues related to undergraduate scholarship and previous reports in the journal

Reports, announcements, calls for papers, and notices of other opportunities for undergraduate scholarship

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