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University of Kentucky Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship

Examples of Potentially Publishable Projects

Examples of Oswald Research and Creativity Program projects that could be published in the Journal:

Functional Analysis of the New Apotosis Inhibitor, Deterin (Biological Sciences)

The Benzonian Tower — reconfiguring an existing office tower that was composed of a simple geometry to give the building a new essence of space through articulation. (Design)

Passive at One — a musical composition for percussion and trombone. (Fine Arts)

A story, told partially by letters, of two shipmates aboard an aircraft carrier in the Gulf of Tonkin during the Vietnam conflict. (Humanities: Creative)

The Elgin Marbles. A paper detailing the history of the Parthenon, the role which Elgin played in the acquisition of the marbles, the history of the marbles during their time at the British Museum, and the modern controversy surrounding the British Museum’s right to ownership. (Humanities: Critical Research)

Participants in the UK Undergraduate Research Program will be required to submit their final reports in a format suitable for submission to the Journal. Previous projects included such studies as:

Poverty and homelessness in southern Italy

Motor carrier safety and performance

Individual versus bulk: interface design issues of a Web-based transaction system

Identifying resistance and the relationship between spikelet symptoms and kernel infections in Fusarium graminearum infected soft red winter wheat

Effects of serotonin on rates of neurite growth

Molecular techniques to elucidate ecological and behavioral aspects of the pine sawfly

Synthesis of aluminum fluoride compounds

Production of angiotensin II by white adipocyte

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