15. Fabricating Wigs for Madama Butterfly  - Daniel Townsend

16. On the Coexistence of Freedom and Necessity  - George Younger

17. Promoting Children's Adherence to Asthma Self-Management  - Demetrius Abshire

18. More Than a Game: The Legacy of Black Baseball  - Tara Moriarty

19. Migration of the Butterfly  - Todd Keisling

20. The Chellgren Center for Undergraduate Excellence

21. eUreKa!

22. Beckman Scholars Program
    My Beckman Experience  - Stephanie Logsdon
    On my college experience  - Brandon Sutton

23. S.P.U.R  - Amanda Fleming

24. UK Undergraduate Research Program

25. Summer Research Programs

26. Undergraduate Awards and Honors

27. Oswald Research & Creativity Program

28. Special Programs
Kaleidoscope is a refereed journal published annually by the Office of Undergraduate Education of the University of Kentucky. The journal is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge through the publication of the results of the intellectual pursuits of undergraduate students. Kaleidoscope accepts reports of all forms of creativity and scholarship by undergraduate students including, but not necessarily limited to, artistic and musical creations, creative writing and poetry, and reports of studies and research in the humanities, the social, natural, and medical sciences, agriculture, business, architecture, and engineering. The journal is published in traditional print format and online, as well. The Web version of Kaleidoscope may include supplemental creative materials, such as performances and art work, that cannot be reproduced on paper. Click here for larger version.
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  1. Undergraduate research has a long and distinguished history at the University of Kentucky - William N. Lipscomb

  1. Revamping the Roles of Women in Vampire Film Or Women Who Suck the Life Out of You-  Christy Freadreacea

  1. "Speak 'em fair": Discourse and Dissembling in The Jew of Malta - Andrew Bozio

  1. Home- Amanda Doerrfeld

  1. Poems - Tasha Pedigo

  1. Angry Banshee - Melanie McConathy

  1. Drink from the Jar - Erik Tuttle

  1. Constructing Community: An Exhibition of the Voices of Goodloetown/ Patrick Hobgood

  1. Distributed Task Related BOLD Signal During Auditory Sub-second Timing - Yuriy Bronshteyn

  1. Creating Kimonos for Madama Butterfly - Kiralyn Davison ,- Mathew Seckman,- Daniel Townsend