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Report Ethical Issue

To report an ethical issue, you may call 1-877-898-6072, file a report online, or contact your supervisor/chain of command, through the Office of Legal Counsel, or through member(s) of the Ethics Committee. Click here for details.

Legal Issues

Campus Political Activities

Members of the University Community:

While the UK campus is always a center of civic involvement and political discussion, there are restrictions, based on federal and Kentucky law and UK regulations, on political activities that may occur on the campus.

Subject to the exact language of the laws and the UK Regulations, these general guidelines must be followed:

  1. University resources (buildings, facilities, email system, supplies, etc.) shall not be used to endorse, promote, or support any political candidate or political party.
  2. University facilities may be used as a public forum to which all candidates shall be invited to participate.
  3. Registered student organizations may use UK facilities for meetings of their organization and the organization may invite political candidate(s) to be their guests.
  4. Public support of a candidate or party by members of the University community (for example, a letter to a newspaper) shall come from a UK employee whose identity is that of a citizen of the Commonwealth and not an employee of UK.

The University values the contribution of all students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Most importantly, we must always be mindful of fostering an environment dedicated to respecting the rights and beliefs of all members of the University community.

Frequently asked questions on the subject of political activity and campaigning on campus are available at the FAQ page.

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