Abraham Lincoln
Oration of Abraham Lincoln at the Dedication of the Gettysburg National Military Cemetery November 19, 1863
Margaret I. King Library Press, Lexington, 1959


The text used in this broadside is that of an apparently unique sheet in the Alfred Whital Stern Collection in the Library of Congress. Mr. Stern has kindly given his permission for this printing of it and Mr. Frederick R. Goff has provided the copy. --The wooden screw press on which this broadside has been printed is a copy of the late sixteenth century Raimondi Press in the Biblioteca Mediceo-Laurenziana, Florence: it was built during the years 1926-1930 by Florentine craftsmen working under the direction of Victor Hammer who had made the drawings for its construction. The Margaret I. King Library obtained the press in 1954. The present printing is its first use here. Another press, built just previously to this, is owned by the museum at Eltville am Amin, Gutenberg's home in his last years.-- Gerald M. Stevenson, Jr. set the type and printed these pages in the summer of 1959.


University of Kentucky, Lexington -- 100 copies.


Set in 14 point American Uncial (text all in caps), leaded. Magnani paper. Bound in blue paper folder with title printed on front cover. The Margaret I. King Library Press imprint was used only twice before being shortened to The King Library Press. It has since been proved that the Raimondi Press was not the model for the wooden press used.