Wendell Berry
The Rise
The University of Kentucky Library Press, Lexington, 1968


The University of Kentucky Press/Copyright © 1968 by Wendell Berry/Lexington, Kentucky


100 copies/(numbered in ink)/W.M.Gardner, Jonathan Greene, Carolyn Hammer,/R.H.Middleton & Roger Roberson during the month/of July have set this essay in Caslon Old Style & print-/ed it on the press of Gravesend in the King Library.


Set in 14 point ATF Caslon Oldstyle. Printed on American laid rag paper. Cased in boards covered with green Fabriano paper with printed label on spine. Signature of the author in pencil on recto leaf before title page.

"The University of Kentucky Library Press" imprint was used three times from 1968 through 1971, when it was replaced by "The King Library Press."