John Jacob Niles
Rhymes for A. Wince
The University of Kentucky Library Press, Lexington, 1971


Copyright (text) by John Jacob Niles, 1971; Copyright (illustrations) by John Michael Bruer, 1971; Lexington, Kentucky.


100 copies. Set in Caslon Old Style by W.M.Gardner. Printed by Shelia Maybanks & Ashley Bullitt at the press of Gravesend in the Margaret I. King Library.


Set in 14 point ATF Caslon Oldstyle. Includes 10 linecuts, colored by hand. Paper watermarked "Andria." Cased in boards covered with various marbled papers made at the Press. Printed label on spine.

"The University of Kentucky Library Press" imprint was used three times from 1968 through 1971, when it was replaced by "The King Library Press."